The committee is made up of voluntary parents and carers. It exists to manage the running of the playgroup and employ the staff. It is vital that all committee roles are filled with parents/carers of current members of the playgroup. The various posts ensure that:

  • Staff and rent are paid
  • Fees are collected
  • A waiting list is maintained
  • New children are settled in at a reasonable rate
  • Fundraising events are co-ordinated
  • Staff are hired when necessary and provided with appropriate training
  • Equipment and materials are purchased when needed
  • Newsletters are circulated to keep parents informed
  • Proper accounts and minutes are maintained
  • Health and safety issues are addressed
  • Policies are formulated and adhered to

Most roles do not require large amounts of time, and can often be shared between two people. Being part of the committee is a great way to meet people and to play and active role in shaping the future of the pre-school.
Annual General Meeting
This is held in October. All parents and carers are invited to attend and participate in major decisions affecting the playgroup, including election of the committee for the coming year. This is essential – without a committee, we cannot run the playgroup.
Parent/carer contract
When their child joins the playgroup, parents and/or carers are required to sign a contract which summarises duties and responsibilities of the committee, playgroup staff and parents/carers in relation to the playgroup. This contract is also signed by a committee member and the playgroup manager.
Parent/carer rota
We are always keen to give parents/carers the opportunity to observe their child/children at the pre-school, enabling them to talk to their child afterwards about all the new ideas and experiences. However, wealso need to balance this with the need to ensure that children don't get unsettled by too many new faces at the pre-school, particularly as we have a fairly high number of new starters each term. If you would like to come along to help out at a session, do speak to the playgroup manager to arrange a suitable time.