We ask parents/carers to wait with the children outside until the door is opened at 9.30am. The door is open until 9.45am and a member of staff is on duty to welcome you. If you arrive after this time please ring the bell. Please remember to sign your child in every day. The signing-in book will be used as a check list in the event of a fire. Each child has a labelled peg in the cloakroom.
Settling in
We prefer parents to stay for at least their child's first few sessions. This helps children to settle in and also provides an opportunity for parents to see the types of activities and the timetable of the session. You may like to try leaving your child for short periods, increasing the length of time until your child is ready to be left for a whole session. Your child's keyworker or the Playgroup Manager will be happy to discuss this with you after the first session. Most children are settled within two to six weeks but do not worry if your child takes longer or has a setback after a holiday.
Do not worry if your child does not bring home masses of artwork. They are here to enjoy their time, mix with other children and respond to other adults outside the home. Whilst staff encourage children to take an interest in all the activities provided, they are never forced to do anything they do not want to do.
It is important that you tell us who will be collecting your child. For their safety we can only let the children go home with a known adult. It can be very upsetting to be left after others have gone so please collect your child promptly at the end of the session. Remember to sign your child out.
To gain maximum benefit from the playgroup it is very important for children to attend regularly. If you expect your child to be unwell for a long period or are away on holiday please let your keyworker know.
Clothes and shoes
Please send your child in hard-wearing comfortable clothes, which can easily be washed to accommodate messy activities. For reasons of safety the children need to have suitable footwear. We have a covered outside play area. Although the children are protected from wind and rain, it is of course still cold in the winter months. Please ensure your child has a warm coat that is labelled.
If your child wishes to bring a small book or toy to playgroup it will be held in safe-keeping until the end of the session.
Nappies/toilet training
If your child is in nappies, please bring spare nappies, wipes and bags. Staff will be happy to change nappies if necessary and endorse toilet training when the child is ready. Please bring a change of clothes if necessary. It would be appreciated if you dressed your child in clothing with elasticated waistbands to assist us with trips to the toilet.
Snack time
We ask all parents/carers to bring either a piece of fresh fruit or dried fruits such as raisins, apple slices, dates, apricots etc each day. Our daily snack time reinforces the work that we do as part of the Early Years Curriculum on healthy eating and our bodies, and is also a great opportunity for the children to learn more about the social benefits of eating together with others. We also provide milk or water at snack time.
Illnesses and allergies
Please let us know if your child suffers from any illnesses or allergies. You will be asked to complete a child record form covering this. If your child uses an inhaler or needs an epipen, please name it clearly and give it to the Playgroup Manager/keyworker to be kept in the playgroup.
We enjoy celebrating birthdays but as we like to promote healthy eating and need to be aware of allergies, we no longer give the children cakes at snack time. Instead, if you would like to provide treats to celebrate your child’s birthday or a new arrival etc, we are happy to give these out at the end of the session. Please provide a list of ingredients to help those children with allergies.