You will be invoiced at the beginning of each half term. Payment can be by cheque, online bank transfer or childcare vouchers. Your remittance advice slip, and cheque if applicable, should be placed in the Treasurer's Box by the end of the first week of the half-term. Please note that fees are payable whether or not your child attends, as a place has been reserved for them.
From September 2013, each session will cost £14.50. A half-term levy of £14.50 will be charged to assist with the purchase of arts and crafts materials and to fund training sessions for the playgroup staff.
Guidelines on payment of fees
1. The invoice for your child's fees will be ready for collection on the first day of each new term/half term.  This will detail the full amount to be paid for your child's fees for that term and will automatically take into account any early years funding that is applicable.  The invoice will include a payment due date.
2. If we have not received full payment for your child's invoice by the payment due date our banker will contact you by both letter and e-mail (if you have supplied an e-mail address) asking for payment within 5 working days.
3. If the banker has not received payment by this due date – and you have not contacted us to confirm by when the fees will be paid – we will have no option but to consider removing your child from the pre-school until we have received payment*.
*This measure is of course very much a last resort and we ask that if for any reason there is going to be an issue with the payment of your child's pre-school fees you contact us to discuss this as soon as possible.
The Government's Nursery Education Scheme/funding
You can claim NEG (Nursery Education Grant) funding for your child's Splash & Dash sessions from the term following their third birthday. Your child is eligible for funding for the autumn term if they are 3 or 4 on 31st August, for the spring term if they are 3 or 4 on 31st December, and for the summer term if they are 3 or 4 on 31st April. Funding can be claimed at more than one NEG nursery/pre-school, up to a maximum of 15 hours per week. We will write to you in the last week of the preceding term, asking you to complete a form and send us a copy of your child's birth certificate. We will then claim the NEG funding from Ealing Council on your behalf.
Once we have secured the NEG funding your child's place at Splash & Dash is free and you will not be invoiced. We will, however, write to you each half-term and ask you to consider making a top-up contribution (see below).
Top-up contributions
The amount of NEG-funding paid to us by Ealing Council per child per session is considerably less than the £14.50 that each session actually costs us to run (plus £14.50 half-termly levy for materials and staff-training). While not compulsory, top-up contributions are invaluable in helping us to ensure we keep the pre-school running at the high standard that we currently enjoy.
Notice requirement
Parents wishing to withdraw their child from the group should give one month's notice in writing or be liable to pay one month's fees to cover the sessions reserved for their child.